Our Values



Value Creation within Austria

We all have our headquarters in Austria, generate jobs and pay taxes in Austria.


Decision-Making Power

Our decisions are made in Austria. This allows us to react quickly and flexibly while also ensuring that we are locally accessible, predictable and continually reliable.


ICT Know-How Made in Austria

We are working to counteract the impending deficit of skilled manpower by developing our own ICT experts, some of whom also go on to work internationally. While ensuring the development and preservation of knowledge in and for Austria, we also pursue the goal of increasing Austria’s attractiveness as a high-performance business location and an ICT competence center for international experts.


Bringing More Women into the ICT Sector

We take on a pioneering role by encouraging highly qualified female experts to apply to Austrian ICT companies and supporting women as part of the ICT workforce. (Examples: We employ women in top IT positions. APC has a large pool of female ICT specialists. ICT Austria cooperates with “Wirtschaftsagenur Wien” within the framework of the pilot project Code Studio for the promotion of future female IT specialists among school-age children).


Support Platform for One-Person Businesses

ICT Austria views itself as an enabler of future forms of employment that allow greater flexibility and independence. We support this fast-growing type of enterprise consisting of freelancers and single-person companies. With 266,910 one-person businesses in Austria (57.3% of all Austrian companies), of which 60,416 are located in Vienna (source: WKÖ 2013), these enterprises are an important driver of the Austrian economy.


„Hosted in Austria“

We guarantee our customers data security and application security.


Cloud Services

Creation and support of Austrian cloud initiatives that provid added value to Austrian users.


Long-Term Partnerships

We do not aim for short-term success, believing instead in long-term relationships with our customers as well as our business partners.



We want to optimize our customers’ business in the long-term and improve ourselves alongside our customers. In accordance with this approach, we are also prepared to shoulder a portion of the business risk.



We engage in successful cooperation with international partners. Furthermore, we accompany Austrian customers on their way into international markets.



We develop new solutions within Austria that will also be employed internationally, thereby strengthening Austria’s competitiveness.