We want

… to raise awareness:  ICT Austria wants to highlight the strategic importance of ICT for (Austrian) companies and for Austria as a business location and, in particular, to reveal how Austria can expand the scope of its operations within this continuously growing sector.


… to offer added value:The cooperation between our members provides an opportunity for their customers to profit from an expanded portfolio covering the entire added value chain within the ICT sector. This encompasses services ranges from training and further education to innovation and product development as well as solution design, implementation and operation.


…  to be the “missing link” between international technology providers and Austrian customers: Austria understands itself as the “missing link” between the IT solutions of international vendors and their specific use by Austrian customers. Taking advantage of ICT requires not just technology but also extensive expertise in the optimal use of this technology. This makes clear the great advantage of companies with strong local roots, as is demonstrated not only in projects but especially when it comes to infrastructure topics. The more highly digitalized a business process becomes, the greater the strategic importance of keeping the respective IT applications within Austria and storing the data within domestic data centers.


… to support and promote innovation, startups and talented experts: The members of ICT Austria invest roughly 10% of their sales revenue in the future. Around 7% is spent on innovation and R&D, and approximately 3% is invested in training and further education. ICT Austria wants to establish itself as a platform that shares the know-how of its own experts, supports talented young professionals and helps startups connect with potential customers.